Vanessa Redgrave

Film Review: Lee Daniels’ The Butler (2013)


The Butler is a film about response. Cecil’s blending into the background was a form of transformation from the cotton farm way of life he came from. His response was to do whatever it takes to make a better life, however demeaning or full of inequality. Louis’ response to the racism and segregation was to stand up, speak his mind and demand to be heard.

MIFF 2013: A Quiet Place In The Country (1968)


Screening alongside classics like Dario Argento’s Deep Red (a masterpiece, and still arguably the high point of the genre) and Tenebrae, as well as Lucio Fulci’s seminal early work Don’t Torture A Duckling, are more obscure items like The Pyjama Case (set in Sydney of all places and starring Ray Milland) and A Quiet Place In The Country.