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TV Recap: The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Episode 8


With only two episodes of The Doctor Blake Mysteries left one must ponder if this new series will be commissioned for a second season. Not much has happened storyline wise in these past eight episodes but there have been many great crimes and many great killers caught by Lucien’s (Craig McLachlan) cleverness.

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Guest starring Jacek Koman, best known for his role in Moulin Rouge as a narcoleptic leading man, this week Lucien (Craig Mclachlan) must find the killer and then let her go due to insufficient evidence. Jean (Nadine Garner) auditions for a play and after one meeting with a gentleman called Robert she is worried that he is going to ask for her hand in marriage!

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Here’s the problem. Doctor Blakes Mysteries needs a good shake up. It’s as stale as Nice biscuit left out overnight. I want to love this show so much. Mclachlan is the best thing in it and on a weekly basis I find myself daydreaming about sexy Lucien and combing his beard as he wears way too many clothes for any woman’s liking.