chris smith

Film Review: Renoir (2012)


Even though it’s at times too content to cost by on it’s interesting concept and beautiful imagery, and lags a little bit in the second act (perhaps because it has more of an idea than a story), Renoir is still a most enjoyable film that with its account of Jean Renoir’s emergence of passion for cinema, movie buffs won’t want to miss.

Film Review: Upstream Color (2013)


Upstream Color isn’t a film for the casual movie goer, but those that like more intellectually engaging movies, and willing to be challenged by alternative form and narrative, will be significantly rewarded by this daring, original and heartfelt film.

MIFF 2013: A Quiet Place In The Country (1968)


Screening alongside classics like Dario Argento’s Deep Red (a masterpiece, and still arguably the high point of the genre) and Tenebrae, as well as Lucio Fulci’s seminal early work Don’t Torture A Duckling, are more obscure items like The Pyjama Case (set in Sydney of all places and starring Ray Milland) and A Quiet Place In The Country.