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Season 3 of this revelatory drama will pull apart and look at just how the generations separate from one another and how the ties of family are stretched.

Ally sheds some of love’s illusions and begins to see life possibilities beyond her family and Gabriel. Both Romeo and Gigi need her less than she’d imagined, but in different ways, as they build their own lives. When Max moves away, Christine flirts with a parallel life at odds with all previous certainties. Gabriel learns his love for Ally is founded in her unavailability and is finally set free. Nat’s chaos is the one constant.

Ally has moved her family to a rambling old rental property by the sea. Her financial need to return to the workforce prompts a surprising offer from Joe, which brings to question what Ally wants from him and from Gabriel. Christine’s fear that her family is dissolving is confirmed when Max announces he’s moving in with Nat. Romeo shares Charlotte’s distressing secret and Gigi enjoys having a half-sister in Ophelia.

Starring Justine Clarke, Kat Stewart, Catherine McClements, Matt Day, Kick Gurry, Joel Tobeck, Jane Allsop, Lincoln Younes, Blake Davis, Eva Lazarro, Lucia Emmerichs, Georgia Flood and Dan Wyllie.


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