Samurai Cinema: The Way of the Warrior



Samurai Cinema: The Way of the Warrior Festival at ACMI in Melbourne

ACMI in Federation Square, Melbourne, is holding a three-week long film festival celebrating the samurai film genre. 13 films are being shown, grouped into three themes: courage, honor, and honesty. Films include classics by Kurosawa (Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, The Hidden Fortress); modern takes like Twilight Samurai, 13 Assassins, and Lady Snowblood, and less-obvious choices in Wages of Fear, Ghost Dog, and the Western film Shane.

In the spirit of the Samurai Cinema screenings, Film Blerg will be reviewing each film over the coming weeks. We hope you enjoy our humble words about some very entertaining films. To see the full ACMI list of films, click here.


Chapter 1: Courage

Chapter 2: Honour

Chapter 3: Honesty


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