Favourite Australian Films Assignment

Films featured so far in the Favourite Australian Films Assignment.



FAFA (aka the Favourite Australian Film Assignment) was born when a particular question that popped into my head: “What is my favourite Australian film?”

It is not usual for questions like the aforementioned to pop into one’s head.

These days Australian films get a bad wrap. Recent releases such as Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby bring notions of national cinema to the forefront. What makes a film Australian? What factors play more of a significant role (i.e. story, financing, location, nationality of cast and crew?)

On a practical level, the source of a production’s financing seems to determine it’s country-authorship stamp, hence Gatsby being an “Australian film”. Perhaps “Australian production” is a more apt description in this case as Gatsby could not breathe American with any greater strength.

In the face of endless Top 10 lists, Film Blerg started a weekly feature which focused on Australian films that we loved, attempting to present our answers to what our favourite Australian films were. Since it’s inception, the frequency has died down of FAFA. Until now!!!

So let’s us indulge in further exploration into Film Blerg’s FAFA project.


  • AIM: To discuss and celebrate our favourite Australian films.
  • METHOD: Watch and rewatch as many Australian films as possible and document favourable reactions.
  • ELIGIBILITY: Films that are not in current theatrical release. E.g. – Red Hill was viewed on DVD after its theatrical release.
  • TIMELINE: Hopefully weekly!
  • STYLE: Any word count is suitable, as is any particular style of review. Review can even be disguised in the form of general thoughts. Basically, anything will do! The main purpose is just to watch and state the case.