Awards: Meaningless chunks of gold and silver or prominent accolades worthy of recipients? Opinions always differ over the merit of awards and the power of award-bestowing bodies. Today, there seems to be  more awards on offer than ever before.

The one positive thing that awards do bring is attention. Award nominations and wins can generate huge publicity for both blockbuster films and independent features. Even those films that were snubbed can receive equal attention during the post-ceremonial analysis.

This year, Film Blerg will chronicle as many award ceremonies as it can possible stand to. So keep your eyes out on the ever-growing list below. Perhaps you’ll be able to spot trends well before the Oscar nominees are announced on January 15, 2013!

2012 Season

Major Awards

Academy Award Nominees
Golden Globes

Screen Actors Guild

Critics Awards

African American Film Critics
American Film Institute Awards

Boston Online Film Critics
Boston Society of Film Critics
British Independent Film
Golden Satellite Nominees
Gotham Awards
Los Angeles Film Critics Association
National Board of Review
New York Film Critics Circle
New York Film Critics Online
Washington DC Area Film Critics

Homegrown Awards

2nd AACTA Nominees
2nd AACTA Winners
2nd AACTA International Awards
Australian Screen Editors Awards

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