Film Review: I, Anna (2012)

In terms of performances, Charlotte Rampling, one of the great and underappreciated actresses over her generation, gives a brave and nuanced performance as the titular character, salvaging a good deal of the film.

Film Review: People Like Us (2012)

The idea of the prodigal son returning home after an extended absence has been done a lot in movies. Because it’s so thematically rich though, unlike other plot cliché’s, it’s also been done well, memorably in movies like The Indian Runner, You Can Count on Me, No Looking Back and in Australia’s own (extremely worthy, early Russell Crowe vehicle) The Crossing.

AFFFF Review: On Air (2012)

Showing as part of the section of “Women’s Stories” this year in the French Film Festival is On Air, a character driven drama that follows an emotionally damaged women’s search for closure with the mother who gave her up to an orphanage as a child.

AFFFF Review: Happiness Never Comes Alone (2012)

What’s a French film festival without an unabashedly full-blown, over the top romance? Serving that purpose this year is Happiness Never Comes Alone, a movie that is to cinema what a ridiculously large lollipop is to confectionary: it starts off with a pleasant enough sweetness, but goes on way too long and by the end, it just hurts your teeth.