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Shailene Woodley

Film Review: Snowden (2016)

Roughly two years have passed since Laura Poitras released her documentary Citizen Four. That first-hand account of her meetings with NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden…

Film Review: Allegiant (2016)

Back in the Chicago compound, Allegiant returns The Divergent Series to the journey of Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) and her boyfriend Four (Theo James). …

Film Review: Insurgent (2015)

Insurgent is the latest instalment to The Divergent Series, the second of the trilogy. Thoroughly entertaining, this film covers all the futuristic action bases….

MIFF 2013: The Spectacular Now (2013)

The Spectacular Now is one of the better recent entries into the coming-of-age film genre, and its success is largely due to its commitment to depicting a believable portrait of teenage relationships and anxieties.

Top 10 of 2012

Having spent much time carefully considering the options, Film Blerg is happy to present our Top 10 of 2012 (or as we affectionately call…