How You Know You Are A Film Lover

Many people like to sit back relax and watch a film in the evening, but how do you know if you are a film lover? There are many differences between someone who enjoys a movie to someone who loves films and everything they have to offer. 

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If you want to know if you are more than just a movie liker and instead of a lover, these are some of the telltale signs to look out for: 

You Enjoy Every Genre 

Regardless of the genre, do you still thoroughly enjoy movies? Maybe it’s appreciating the actors, the scenery, the talent that goes into the production, or maybe even the finer details such as sound effects or stunts, but not matter what genre of film you are watching you are hooked and you can appreciate every part of it. Whether you find yourself crying with sympathy, laughing out loud, or routing for the hero, you are definitely a film lover if you more than enjoy every type of genre out there. 

You Do Everything You Can To Make Sure You Never Miss Out 

Whether it’s subscribing to every streaming service such as NOW TV, Netflix, or Disney, staying up late to secure tickets to a premiere release, or using a Physical Address postbox so you never miss delivery of film information, if you are doing whatever you can to make sure you aren’t missing out then you are 100% a film lover! 

You Keep Up With The Latest Releases 

Do you find yourself researching the latest releases, or maybe even jumping on the net as soon as a film finishes to find out if there is going to be a sequel? Then chances are, you are a film lover and they mean more to you than just a way to pass the time. Being a film lover can be a great hobby, especially when it comes to following your favorite actors, visiting filming locations, touring Hollywood, watching sequels and prequels, and learning about what it takes to make a film. 

You Are A Massive Critique 

The biggest film lovers are also the biggest critiques. When it comes to whether a film hits the mark or has been a massive letdown, film lovers are the first people to sit there and analyze what went wrong and what could have been done better. These are usually the people that find writing a blog about film, sharing their views on Rotten Tomato or IMDB, they will also be the people who give you the most honest recommendation with what film you should be watching next. 

You Don’t Put Up With Noise 

Even if you have watched a film a million times before, a film lover will always insist on there been minimal disturbances when a film is playing. How else are you going to enjoy the full experience? 

If you can more than one of these boxes, the chances are you are a film lover and they mean more to you than just a filling some time. Do you think there is anything else that shows you love film? Please share some of them in the comments below. 

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