How to Nurture Your Love of Culture During the Pandemic

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While some aspects of life are now starting to return to normal, there is no question it will be quite a long wait before everything returns to complete normality. The world as everyone knows it has changed significantly over the past year, and regular activities such as visiting galleries and watching live performances have been put on hold. If you love culture and experiencing the creative side of life, this hiatus could have left you desperate to get back to enjoying the arts. Binge-watching the latest boxsets on television may have helped at first, but now you may be looking for something a little extra to enjoy. To help bridge the gap between the theaters and galleries reopening, you could try some alternative ways to get your cultural fix. Here are some suggestions to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in the art world until everyday life resumes:

Make Time to Read

Although it may not be possible to interact with the visual arts in person, there is nothing to stop you from reading more to satisfy your need for culture. At a time when real life is filled with negative news, immersing yourself in a book can provide a welcome break into escapism. While the latest film releases and opening nights of theater have been delayed, there has been a steady stream of new books being published. Letting your imagination take over and enjoying the works of your favorite authors is a perfect opportunity to relax at home and be transported to a different world. There are so many must-read titles out there just waiting to be discovered, from the latest bestsellers to centuries-old classics.

Seek Out the Latest News and Opinion

Keeping up-to-date with the latest news and opinions on the arts is an excellent way to build your excitement for their return. Although productions are not currently taking place, there is still plenty happening behind the scenes to read about. As well as diving into the culture pages of your favorite newspapers and magazines, why not start following a few blogs written by industry professionals? Lots of notable names in the arts have blogs, such as Travis Preston of CalArts.

You may also want to follow your favorite galleries and theaters online. This will enable you to be one of the first to know when they plan to reopen and help you start deciding where to go and what to see first when life gets back to normal.

Enjoy Live Streams and Go Virtual

If you cannot get to the theater, why not bring the theater to you and enjoy a live stream from home? Many of the major theaters offer audiences the chance to see live streamed theater performances, which is the next best alternative to being there in person. Watching a live stream from your living room may not bring the same atmospheric quality as being seated in a theater, but it certainly makes a welcome substitute for the time being. 

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