How To Make Your TV Watching More Enjoyable


You may find yourself watching more television with the onset of COVID-19 and the lockdown orders. Watching TV doesn’t have to feel mundane and boring. It can be a fun and enjoyable way to pass the time if you do it right.

There are ways to make your TV watching more enjoyable so you can get the most out of your experience. These ideas should put on you the right path to having a better experience watching TV and allow you not to feel so guilty about it when you do. It’s all about being engaged and present and taking actions that will boost your enjoyment. These suggestions will ensure you don’t regret sitting on the couch for long stretches in front of the TV.

Don’t Make it A Habit

You can make your TV watching more enjoyable by not doing it all the time. Avoid making it a habit and watching TV every moment you feel bored or tired. You’ll like it more when it’s a treat and way to relax after a long day or after you’ve exercised hard and need to put your feet up. Monitor how much time you spend watching TV and then set goals if you want to cut back and make it more of a special occasion for you and your family members. It may help to pick certain times when you want to catch up on your shows or watch movies with your loved ones. You might also want to reconsider having a TV in your bedroom or staying up late watching it if you have trouble sleeping and want to get better rest.

Choose Entertaining Shows & Movies

You can also make your TV watching more enjoyable by viewing shows and movies that will hold and keep your attention. It may also be that you choose to watch programs that feature your favorite stars and celebrities such as Sharon Osborne. If you like the person already, then it’s more likely that you’ll enjoy watching the show, movie, or series that they’re starring in. Another excellent way to find entertaining and good shows to watch is to ask around for recommendations. Seek out advice from friends and family about what they find to be worth your time or read blogs online to see what’s popular and trending.

Dress for the Occasion

You’ll have a better time watching TV when you dress for the occasion. The key here is to get comfortable and put your feet up. When it’s time to turn on the TV and watch your favorite programs, then change your clothes so that you’re comfortable and can truly feel at ease. Sweatpants and a sweatshirt are the perfect attire for getting cozy on the couch. You may also want to make a snack you like to eat and have a drink while you binge watch TV in the comfort of your home.

Invest in A Good TV

Make your TV watching a more enjoyable experience by investing in a good TV. You’ll have a better time watching a clear screen that has impressive graphics and sound. Read reviews and do some shopping to see what’s out there and consumers recommend. It may be time to upgrade to a SMART TV if you haven’t already so you have all the latest features and bonuses. Keep in mind that the biggest TVs aren’t always the best choice. There is a direct correlation between the recommended screen size and the seating distance, so do what’s best for the room size and your eyes.

Create A Comfortable Environment

Consider setting up a living or family room with your television so you can retreat to this space whenever you’re ready to indulge in some screen time. Work on creating a comfortable environment for watching TV so you can enjoy it more. For instance, invest in a couch that won’t hurt your back if you’re sitting for an extended period. Also, think about the lighting and have several options depending on the time of day and what mood you want to set. You’ll have a better TV watching experience when the room you pick to put your television in is comfortable, warm, and inviting. Decorate your space and make it feel like home.

Protect Your Eyes

It would help if you also focused your efforts on avoiding hurting your eyes while watching TV. Most LCDs have a backlight adjustment you can play with and modify. Take the time to lower the overall light output by reducing the backlight in your display settings. It’ll give your eyes more time to adjust to the bright and dark scenes. Also, take breaks and walk away from the screen during commercial breaks or when it’s an ideal time to pause your program. Use this time to stretch your legs, use the bathroom, or get more water to stay hydrated while you watch TV. It’s not good for your mind or body to be sitting in one place for too long at a time, especially over the course of days and months.

Set Limits

You’ll enjoy watching TV more when it’s a special occasion instead of an everyday occurrence. Take charge over your schedule and habits and set limits as to how much TV you’re watching on any given day or week. It may be that you choose to watch a show you like a few nights during the week and then put on a movie on the weekend. You can use the free time you have to participate in other activities around the house or to be social with friends and family. Mix up your schedule and set limits so that you’re not always glued to the screen. Instead of binging on a show all the time, pick one day once a month where you give yourself a break and watch TV all day. It may help to set a timer and when it goes off, remind yourself to get up and do something else.

Have People Over

Sometimes watching TV alone is nice and other times it can get boring. Therefore, consider having people over once in a while to watch TV with you. Make your TV watching experience more enjoyable by inviting friends or extended family over for a movie and game night. You can have a little get together and have fun watching a comedy or action movie and enjoying one another’s company. Decide what you’re going to watch as a group so that everyone feels okay with the choice and will be entertained. Try your best not to talk or interrupt during the movie, as not to ruin anyone’s viewing experience. Instead, leave time beforehand or at the end of the movie to engage in conversation and catch up.

Be Productive

Another way to have a more enjoyable time watching TV is to be productive while you sit on the couch. For instance, you can make a grocery or to-do list, tackle easy work tasks, or think about what goals you want to set for the upcoming week. You can also use TV to stream exercise shows and get a workout in or to fold the laundry and get a step ahead on some of your housework. You may find that you like watching TV more when it’s on in the background, but you’re still able to be productive and get done what you need to as you sit and relax. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to multitask as you watch TV so you can feel better about how you’re spending your time. 

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