How To Watch Any Movie Anywhere In The World

Watching movies has never been more comfortable with all the online sites that allow you to either stream or download one. The good thing is you can use these websites for a very minimal fee. Unfortunately, the best websites for movie watching can only be accessed inside the US. These websites include Movies Anywhere, and Disney+, among others.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a US citizen, watching movies through some media-services sites isn’t possible. No need to worry, though, since there’s a solution to this issue. Yes, you can bypass restrictions and start watching your favorite movies anywhere in the world.

Websites like Movies Anywhere use geolocation to only show their contents to the audience located in a specific geographical area. To solve this problem, you must use either a VPN or Virtual Private Network or a Smart DNS. These are software that you can install on your computer or smartphone to hide your real IP address.

For Disney+ and other similar websites fans, you can either check this how to watch Disney+ guide or continue reading as this post will go in detail on how to unblock Netflix, Disney+, and Movies Anywhere with minimum effort.


How To Unblock Media Services Providers Outside The US?

Before this post looks into the ways to bypass the restrictions when watching movies outside the US, take a look at three of the most famous movie streaming websites today.

  • Netflix – Netflix is an American movie streaming service provider that allows its users to download and stream their favorite TV shows, movies, including documentaries on inter-connected devices.
  • Disney+ – Disney+ is another American on-demand streaming service that brings the weight of Disney Studio’s massive library of content using their phones or computer everywhere in the country.
  • Movies Anywhere – Yet another American streaming platform, Movies Anywhere is cloud-based and serves as a digital bridge connecting different video vendors online.

Here are two of your options to watch movies using the above mentioned apps, even when you’re outside the United States.


1. Virtual Private Network

VPNs allow users to establish a virtual tunnel to enjoy restricted sites anywhere in the world. You have to subscribe to a VPN service and install it on your device. The software enables you to link to any location around the globe. VPNs also don’t disrupt network speeds, so they’re perfectly suited to streaming your favorite movies like The Report and Official Secrets.

Not all VPNs work for anyone, and you must research and find out what the best option you have for your needs. When choosing a virtual private network, consider the factors below to make the most out of your purchase:

  • Price – Paying a hefty price for a VPN doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best service. An excellent VPN must be reasonably affordable.
  • Privacy And Security Features – The best VPNs protect the users’ identities using the latest technology. The VPN should also prevent malware from getting into the users’ devices. The software must not record the activities of users, including their IP addresses, and should use secure encryption to protect data.
  • Servers – It’s best to opt for a VPN that has servers from around the globe, especially if you’re traveling regularly.
  • Speed – the VPN should not cause your internet connection to slow down, or you’ll end up with a buffering movie stream.


2. Smart DNS Unlocator

Again, it’s impossible to watch a movie using Netflix, Disney+, Movie Anywhere, or other similar streaming platforms outside of the US. This is true even for videos that you have downloaded in the country and try to watch outside; you’ll always end up with a geo-error message.

Aside from using a Virtual Private Network, you can also bypass the geolocation restriction using a Smart DNS. All you need to do is to set up your device to work with a Smart DNS unlocator. The DNS will disguise the location of your device, similar to what the VPN does. This makes the streaming services like Disney+ and Movie Anywhere to recognize your device as working within the US.

If you’re planning to use your PS3, Xbox 360, or a smart television to load Disney movies, Smart DNS can be a good alternative to a VPN. Smart DNS redirects the traffic from your favorite streaming platform over its servers, making it possible for your game console or television to un-censor the movie. It’s also possible to unlock films from local TV channels like HBO and redirects them to your device for smooth viewing.



Watching any movie anywhere in the world is possible. You only need the right tools to make it happen. Being geo-restricted doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite show when you’re on a trip somewhere outside the US, you can choose to utilize either a Virtual Private Network or a Smart DNS, so the fun continues wherever you go.

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