Best Books and Guides about Filmmaking you should read

Well, how many filmmaking books have you read? Every filmmaker should be proactive enough to outsource information from filmmaking books. This is because there are various ways that you can learn the craft of filmmaking through book reading. These books are enriched with tips on how you can prosper in this industry. Therefore in this article, I have listed some essential filmmaking books that are worth Reading to uplift your screenwriting, cinematography or directing films. Let us get into it.


Poetics by Aristotle

This is a filmmaking book which was written 2000 years ago. This book focuses on literary and dramatic theory based on Greek culture. I strongly advise that you read this book because the screenwriting draws some concepts from this book. Modern screenwriting concepts that are discussed in this book are in the context of comedy or Greek dramas. This book suggests three acts that have been exclusively used by Hollywood screenwriting pros. Additionally, this book is not bulky and it will require you just to spend some few bucks to sharpen your skills.

Social psychology

This is a book which was written by Robert Barron. It introduces cognitive concepts based on behaviour and attitude towards an individual who will help you groom your filmmaking ambitions. Therefore as a filmmaker, you need to read this book to enable you to understand the social functioning of an individual in a society. It helps in creating stories with unique characters which can form a very engaging set piece.

The sense of style

This is a style guide which was written in the 21st century by Steven Pinker. It outlines the rules governing literary work, writing, designing, and formatting, be it creative or academic. It also outlines the principles of good writing, which are based on sentence structures, coherence, and word choice. Therefore every novelist or screenwriter should prose through this guide to help in maintaining and setting the piece of the narrative. It helps in giving the mood of the story through the sentence structures, which will bring out your content in a more insightful manner. 

Thinking with type

Ellen Lupton wrote this book to bring in the concepts of typography briefly and concisely. Therefore for every upcoming filmmaker, this is a must-read book because it helps you to understand how to come up with a nice set piece based on the body, text, the size of the header text and the grid which should be used.

Principles of topography can also be an essential concept in filmmaking, especially when designing several series of shots. By applying the knowledge from this book, you will be able to understand the art of breaking false notions to discourage the aspect of making filming instinctive. Therefore by constantly implementing the concepts outlined in this book, you will gradually uplift your filmmaking skills, and in no time you will be in a good place to produce engaging scripts.

Paul Rand

This book is characterized by a collection of graphic designs and essays. It has a few texts, but it uses visual local types and posters to convey the desired information. This book is trying to solve problems in the graphic design discipline by capitalizing on facial communication. This is an innovative way on which an individual can use images and themes to convey information creatively. Therefore graphic design has a place in filmmaking because it gives better options to design visual shots for your film. This gives the film an aesthetic value to your audience. Good filmmakers should have mastered the art of graphic designing.

Rebel without a crew

Rebel without a crew coincide with the book by the name “Shooting to kill “, and it seems it is almost the talk of everyone in the filming world. Although there have been gradual changes in this industry, this book can still give actionable insights on how you can capitalize on filmmaking.

Some of these books are free books that are rich in content. They can be purchased through online stores, or you can download them in PDF format. Therefore you will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader to help you in Reading the filmmaking books. Besides, rocket files also offer some insights on the best software that can help you read a variety of file formats to ensure that you get the best application purposely for reading your filmmaking books.


Filmmaking books help you to grow your skills in the entertainment industry. All you need to do is to be focused and consistent so that you can get the best information out of these books.

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