Why Watching TV Over DVD’s Is Still A Great Evening Of Fun

Watching DVDs and having movie marathons can be a fun thing to do at night. However, watching TV might be more beneficial to you and your family in many ways. Television is one of the most powerful ways to communicate and spread information to people. It also provides entertainment, news, and education for people of all ages, unlike DVDs where the most common types of media available only come in the form of movies.

Here are some of the reasons why watching TV over DVDs is still a great option for people:

  1. Source of entertainment

Television programs are a great source of entertainment. There’s a wide variety of music, shows, live matches, movies, video-songs, and others when you watch television. For example, it’s only on TV that you could watch the series of Game of Thrones, a show that has been patronized by a vast international audience. You won’t find it in DVDs, and having to wait for a week to watch another episode of the current season also builds a feeling of excitement and anticipation to those who really liked watching it. TV guides, such as those provided by OnTVTonight, will help you know what shows will be available on each channel for the day.

Another example is game shows. Their entertainment value is great, as most of these shows can be watched by viewers of all ages. In addition to this, people can also learn something from the trivia presented in game shows.

  1. Get real-time news updates

You can watch the news from different parts of the world if you watch television. It’s the fastest way to gather information about the weather, politics, current events, world problems, the global economy, and more. Watching news channels can allow you to be updated every day, not just in your region, but around the globe. DVDs mostly showcase movies that have already been recorded, which don’t carry with them real-time updates. And while it can be argued that social media can also be an avenue for news, watching this on TV is more reliable since the information you get is from reputable channels that put prime on their production and research.

  1. Spend quality time with your family

You can walk around and observe that from morning till evening, people would have their noses stuck on their phones. Kids nowadays are so exposed to different kinds of technology, from tablets to Virtual Reality headsets, stealing a kid’s attention away from their family. The same is true for adults, who spend hours on their mobile phones browsing through social media or playing games.

Watching TV with your family can be a way for all of you to bond and regain the closeness of your relationship. You don’t have to go out just to spend quality time with your family—you can simply do it at the comfort of your own home by watching TV while enjoying delicious snack.

It is an invaluable experience, and your kids will likely appreciate this kind of quality time more than going out and eating at a luxurious restaurant. Play guessing games with them or watch documentaries, and learn new things together. Always remember that the little things matter the most.

  1. Educational

Kids and adults alike will also benefit from watching television because there are a lot of educational programs available coming from channels like The History Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet, and more. These channels educate the youth by presenting knowledge about places, animals, people, nature, and culture, among other things, in a format that’s not only informative but also entertaining. These programs can expand people’s knowledge and broaden their horizons, as well as shape their perspectives about the world we live in.

  1. Adapt foreign languages

In this age of globalization, TV shows have also adopted many themes from different countries, as well as made documentaries about them. There are shows that show different kinds of cultures, not just for the kids to learn from, but for adults to broaden their perspectives as well.

Exposing your children to television at a very young age can help them become good communicators and might even spark their interest in taking up a foreign language, which they can master in the long run. One very important thing to remember about kids is that their language learning capacity is very high at a young age, and their cognitive skills should be developed. The good thing about learning different languages from TV is that an episodic format lets them acquire information in small doses at a certain hour of the day, encouraging discipline and consistency.

  1. Learn new recipes

Cooking shows nowadays are a very dominant theme aired on the TV. Shows such as Martha Stewart and MasterChef can motivate you to release your inner chef and learn new recipes by watching their cooking episodes. You can also watch these episodes with your children and make the recipes you’ve learned together so that you can have more quality time. Aside from the fact that you can learn recipes from these shows, there’s also some added entertainment value when it comes to the engaging concepts of cooking shows such as competitions, off-screen drama, and other interesting featurettes.


Final Thoughts

There are lots of concepts for TV shows that can still be very interesting, not just for you but for your kids as well. Of course, you still have the option to choose which medium to watch from, though a television can be more convenient and cost-efficient since there are fixed channels available even if you’re not subscribed to a company.

Although the current trend for some TV shows is to compile their episodes on a DVD set, you don’t get to experience the real-time excitement of each episode when you choose the latter. With TV as well, you don’t have to exhaust yourself watching a marathon, and it lets you have more variety when it comes to your viewing selections, making it a great way to bond with your family for an evening of fun and entertainment.

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