8 Movies about Love and Relationships That Are Better Than Family Therapy

Sometimes, the best way to find a solution to a problem is to see how others deal with it. There are a lot of movies about unrequited love, relationship crisis, controlling relationships that can help you look at your relationship from the side and avoid certain issues. The films from the following list will make you look at romantic relationships from different angles and simply have a great time watching.

Who Is Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)

Based on Edward Albee’s play, the film directed by Mike Nichols reveals the “skeletons in the cupboard” of an average American couple. Spouses are in a permanent conflict, they don’t choose words when arguing. It seems that their main aim is to hurt each other. One night, they invite a young couple to their house and the young people get involved in the game the family has been playing for years trying to conceal a big tragedy.

Two for the Road (1967)

A majestic film directed by Stanley Donen, starring Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney. The main message of the film: love is always alive but we tend to forget about it. Going through a relationship crisis, a couple decides to save their love. They set off for the French Riviera where they met each other and fell in love. How to save marriage and bring back respect and warmth? The main characters find the way to fall in love again.

Husbands and Wives (1992)

Woody Allen’s comedy-drama film is a story about a writer constantly squabbling with his wife. One day they find out that their friends decided to separate. How to react to this news? On the one hand, it means that new relationships are awaiting each of them, on the other hand, people who have been together for many years are about to become nobodies to each other.

Autumn in New York (2000)

Can a middle-aged Casanova, who never takes relationships seriously, fall for a young woman and get attached to her so much that he will want to spend the rest of his life only with her? It’s possible, indeed, when the time is limited. The moral of the story is that you should love and enjoy every minute with your significant other, because time is not on your side.

Before Sunset (2004)

Jesse and Celine met in Vienna. That was a short encounter that left both of them with a warm feeling inside. Nine years later they meet again, but they have several hours. This amount of time is enough for them to understand that they must be together.

5×2 (2004)

Francois Ozon, the director of the film, decided to show where endless quarrels, grudges, and conflict can lead a couple. The plot unravels in a reverse order and reveals 5 scenes of a young couple’s life: separation and its consequences, a meeting with their gay friends, the birth of their son, their wedding, and the beginning of their relationship. Where is the point when love disappears? And why should you cherish the best moments of your life? Francois Ozon knows the answer.

Revolutionary Road (2008)

This film is about the importance of fighting for your desires and dreams. It’s also about the importance of finding someone who will support you and this will be mutual. Frank and April seem to be a perfect couple at first, but as their relationship progresses, they become more and more unhappy. What did they do wrong? Watch and draw conclusions.

Amour (2012)

This romantic drama film directed by Michael Haneke is a sincere and touching story about a couple whose love has stood the test of time. An elderly couple, Georges and Anne, are in their eighties. Anne suffers two strokes, becomes paralyzed and demented. Her husband looks after her till her last day.

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