Maui is a Hollywood favorite for on-location filming!

We have seen so many films portraying epic Maui adventure on the island! Sometimes, even if the settings of the films aren’t in Maui, producers and directors insist on the lush, tropical location, the ease of filming the gorgeous, clear water and the beauty of unmatched white sandy beaches.

Maui and the island’s lush beauty have been featured in more films and show that you’d even imagine! Since the US government took over Hawaii in 1959, the ease of Maui travel (and all Hawaiian islands) and the United States is incredibly simple and safe. Its relatively close proximity to Hollywood opposed to the Caribbean Islands, Cuba, or Bermuda, make it an ideal filming location for beach and tropical scenes.
Cinematography involves countless factors. Maui encompasses so many on-site features that can’t be matched within a Hollywood studio or recreated within the continental United States. Film-related travel to Maui is often unavoidable, especially when directors are seeking a perfect tropical backdrop.

There are so many notable films that have been filmed in Maui. Take a look at a handful that was at least partially filmed in this island paradise:
• Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007)
• Riding Giants (2004)
• The Hulk (2003)
• Die Another Day (2002)
• Turbo: A Power Ranger’s Movie (1997)

The greatest link among all of these films is the gorgeous, tropical outdoor scenes that encompass Maui’s lush, natural scenery.

An author at The San Francisco Chronicle described The Hulk as more thoughtful and pleasing to the eye than any blockbuster in recent memory? Which certainly was attributed, in part, to the picturesque Maui filming location.

2002’s Die Another Day opened up with surfers off the coast of Peahi in Maui in December 2001. While the film received mixed reviews, it’s on location filming in over 6 high-profile locations attributed to the visually pleasing nature of this highest-grossing of its time James Bond film.

Many movies have been filmed in the Kaanapali region of Maui due to the region’s lush tropical valleys and gorgeous, master-planned resort community. The Royal Lahaina located on the 3-mile stretch of resort community along the beach in Kaanapali is an ideal location to start your Maui adventure and dig deeper into the roots of Hawaiian-filmed cinematography. According to, Lahaina can be spotted in the 1958 melodrama Twilight for the Gods.

Travel to Maui to learn more about the epic landscapes and scenery that contributes to some of the most visually diverse films at the box office. A Maui-movie-making adventure could really open up your eyes to a visually stunning vacation destination!

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