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You don’t have to spend large parts of your day thinking or watching television shows and movies, but we’ll be honest – we quite like to, and we’ve made it our business to make sure we’re never far away from getting our fix, be it through watching, discussing, or getting the latest news from the big and small screen. With the internet in our homes, work, and trusty smartphones, there have been an influx of awesome applications that are a dream come true for movie enthusiasts. Here’s a pick of our favorites.



Forget us humble movie watchers, where would the movie industry be if IMDb hadn’t been launched way back in 1990? OK, that might be pushing it a little bit, but it’s broadly true: the Internet Movie Database holds massive sway in the industry. How many of us have looked up a film only to see that IMDb viewers only rated it 4.8/10, and gave it a miss? With any film worth its salt listed on the website, the app is the go to choice for movie news, trivia, goofs, discussion, and more.

Streaming Apps
We’re not sure where we’d be without the apps that allow us to stream TV and movie videos from our personal devices. Seen a video and need to save it for later? Not sure what to watch and just need to browse? Yes sir, apps that give us those options will always hold a place in our hearts. Showbox is one that stands out: this application has got a lot of awesome features and on top of that, it’s free. A must have.



Flixster doesn’t do a whole lot than IMDb doesn’t do, but it does offer something of a more succinct and to the point movie interaction. It mainly focuses on three things: tell you what is showing in the cinemas near to you, host movie trailers, and reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. If you’re a pure cinephile, then these are all the things you need. Check the trailer, look to see whether it has the Rotten Tomatoes seal of approval, and find out where it’s on near you. Simple.


Just like IMDb was loosely imitated by Flixster, so Flixster has been loosely imitated by Fandango. They’ve got all the details you need before deciding whether to go see a film, including trailers and showtimes, but what makes Fandango stand out is the ease with which cinema goers are able to buy their tickets. A few clicks and you’ve beaten the queues. You can even sync your ticket with your Apple Watch and enter the cinema with a quick scan of your wrist. In other words, we’re living in the future and it feels great.


We have to be honest, we love Solyaris just because it brings out the inner nerd in all movie lovers (although having said that, ‘inner nerd’ is relative when it comes to movie geeks). Solyaris almost literally allows you to connect the dots between actors, directors, and films. You can also see film posters and get loose outlines of plot and other movie related goodness. A gem.

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