TV Recap: The Gods of Wheat Street, S01E4

gods ep4Episode four of The Gods Of Wheat Street titled, ‘Nobody lives forever’ is a pivotal episode for this new Australian drama series. After much fussing around and trying to prove a point Libby (Lisa Flanagan) ends up pashing the Odie-Miester! (Kelton Pell) Finally! It was a good pash too! They make such a good couple.

Meanwhile dirty old creep Jonesy Brown (Frederick Copperwaite) has been given two days to find ‘the money’ or deal with Odin in a bad egg kind of way. He is so sure that Odin has stolen from him but it looks like Ares (Bruce Carter) , who is a bit hot in his own tough way, may be the culprit instead.

Tristan (Mark Coles Smith) tells Anastasia (Millie Samuels) that Ares and Petra (Mouche Phillips), had an affair and although initially unbelieving she confronts her mother and finds it to be true. Tristan confronts Odie, asking is he knew about the affair and Odie admits he did. Why was it such a secret? The reason the jerk at the other servo, Anastasia’s father, hates the Freeburns so much.

During the confrontation Tristan loses his temper and punches Odie in the face, Odie tells him to get home and he runs. Waiting in the shadows is craggy mean Jonesy Brown ready to extract his revenge on Odie for the theft, he believes in his heart, was committed by Odie. He and that super tall guy who is a freak, beat Odie to the ground with a piece of wood and just like the coward we know Jonesy to be, he waits until Odie is unable to fight back and then hits him over the head with a big rock. The two run from the scene of crime as Odie lies between life and death on a quiet dark street in Casino. Eden (Ursula Yovich) is by his side telling him he must now make a choice to live or die.

Meanwhile, Anastasia has seen it all, secretly hiding from them behind a tree. We hope, she will bring them undone. If she can find the courage to face her own demons at home first.

Two episodes to go of this wonderful series. It’s getting better every week.

The Gods of Wheat Street airs on ABC1 at 8:30pm on Saturday nights

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