TV Recap: Rake, S3E5

rake s03e05You have to give credit where it’s due.  Nicole’s (Kate Box) mum, the Polish speaking lady, is absolutely hilarious.  Everything she says is insulting and abhorrent.  She is like Nicole’s inner voice speaking, voicing her biggest fears.  Absolute gold!

Meanwhile, Cleave (Richard Roxburgh) has got four new jobs.  A man who sent pictures of his privates to his ex.  A priest accused of hiding abuse.  A trader (Tom Hobbes in the role of defendant rather than lawyer as seen on Winners and Losers) accused of hiding one hundred and twenty million and a politician having a few troubles with his credit card expenses: seventeen thousand to a chiropractor called Pussy Patton.

All fall on the same day at the same time. He and Barney (Russell Dykstra) run from courtroom to courtroom in order to get the job done.  A wonderful sequence of panic ensues.

Amidst that panic is poor David (Matt Day) who has decided to quit being the Labor party leader, during his announcement Cleave runs through in such a hurry that a woman lets go of her pram, baby still inside, and it begins to roll down some very steep stairs.  David to the rescue!  Until he is hit by a truck of course.  Great for his ratings though.

On the other side of town Missy (Adrienne Pickering) is trying to come to grips with her hot night with Cleaver.  Surely sex that great has to be bad? Right? Cleave’s nightmares are also continuing, with that ghostly figure in his room scaring the hell out of him.  I think it might be his dad? Maybe it’s Mal? Thoughts? There’s only three episodes left in the series, then we will have to say goodbye to Cleave forever.  Gasp.  I miss him already.

Rake is on 8.30pm Sunday night on ABC1.

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