TV Recap: Rake, S3E01

rake s03e01Cleaver’s baaaack….. and he’s not enjoying prison life very much at all. Our poor old Cleave (Richard Roxburgh) has found himself a prison roommate called Malcolm, portrayed delightfully by the talented and wonderfully long haired Dan Wylie, who insists that he sleep next to Cleaver and touch him whenever he feels a bit lonely. Cal McGregor (Damien Garvey) has turned to God in order to get out on parole and Kirsty’s (Robyn Malcolm) ex-husband Georgie (Bruce Spence) is making life difficult for everyone on the inside.

Cleave’s trying his best, representing criminals in a kangaroo court, the judge is Georgie and the rest of prisoners become the jury. The cases he’s dealing with are certainly much more interesting than on the outside. Did Torrie attempt to poke Griffo in the laundry? Or was it merely an accident of slipping over whilst naked? Cleave certainly has his work cut out for him.

On the upside, he’s managed to become friends with a former judge who has been convicted of corruption and, as always, Cleave plays him like a fiddle in order to get out on appeal using the appeal court judges’ indiscretions to his advantage.
Cleave has got a plan in place and we are all hoping the court frees him, so he can go back to his old life. A life of alcohol, smack, waking up in gardens that are not his own, upsetting people and being a general asshole. Speaking of holes, I was hoping that the ever present jerk face Lane Hole might find his way into season three. Just so he could have some more comeuppance for hurting our anti-hero.

Now, if Cleaver can get himself out of prison without getting killed over a porterhouse steak we will all be a happy bunch.
The ABC has t-shirts with ‘Free Cleaver’ on them. I want one.

I’m glad to have Richard Roxburgh back in my lounge room, it felt a little empty over the summer without Det. Jack (Nathan Page), Dr. Blake (Craig McLachlan) or my favourite barrister but now I’ll have two out of three each week. Sigh.
Thank the good lord for our ABC.

Rake airs on ABC1 at 8.30pm on Sunday nights.

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