TV Recap: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, 2×12

It’s the second last episode of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries! When I say second last what I really mean is last. Don’t freak out there’s a Christmas Special on its way!

miss fisher ep 2x12It’s the second last episode of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries!  When I say second last what I really mean is last.  Don’t freak out there’s a Christmas Special on its way!

Only one more night of Jack in my lounge room on a Friday!  I might be forced to get a life and actually go out and see people!!  Shudder.

Aunt Prudence (Miriam Margolyes) was back with her usual grace and uppity-ness.  She really does get most of the best lines!

Det Jack’s (Nathan Page) ex-wifey is back and it seems she needs some comforting after she finds out her fiancé and her father, the new commissioner no less, are involved in a smuggling ring of lovely young virgins.  Weep! Now, get off Jack you fiend! We don’t care for your crocodile tears! You’ve had your time and you ruined it!  Scarper you beastly woman! Be gone you hag! Jack is not yours anymore…he’s mine!!!!…….I mean……he’s Miss Fisher’s! (Essie Davis)


There were two important moments in this episode. Apart from Mr. Butler’s (Richard Bligh) arsenal of guns. The first is when Miss Fisher is putting on Jack’s tie and they get super close but they are interrupted! Of course!  But I have a sneaking suspicion that that moment could have lead to a bit of a pash.  I could feel the tension in the air.

 The second, and most important on the URST scale (Unresolved Sexual Tension for those not privy to the works of snooty writers who create acronyms to sound like they are really working.) was the final scene.  Jack arrives at Miss Fisher’s house super late.  She’s in her dressing gown and make-up has been washed off.  He sits in the car pondering if he should go inside.  He does!  They banter back and forward and then there’s a moment…he leans in and so does she.  At this stage I’m on the floor screaming so loudly my neighbor knocked on the door believing I’d been murdered.  I assure her I’m just passionate and I get back to the ‘maybe’ kiss…will they? No! Damn Aunt Prudence for interrupting!  The moment is lost and I have to take some tablets to ease my hypertension.  That Jack might be the death of me!

There is too much flirting going on for there not to be a pash in the Christmas episode. Mistletoe anyone?  Let’s hope to see our beloved Detective in festive type chains in Miss Fisher’s bed pronto!

So we wait for final episode with anticipation and hope that a third series is commissioned by the ABC.  Betty the cat is crossing her paws and whiskers in the hope that we, long suffering fans, finally get some Phrack action.  Spiked Eggnog? I hope so.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an Every Cloud Production and airs Fridays at 8.30pm on ABC1. Click here to read more episode reviews in the series.

3 blergs
3 blergs (Due to the ex-wife touching our Jack!)





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  • Great recap, covered all the important things… Jack and potential snogging. I may have cured my husband’s marital deafness with the volume at which I yelled ‘Oh. My. God’ when Aunt Prudence made a very ill-time interruption.

    How good was the Jack, tie off scene?! It made me realise how buttoned up he is and I channelled an almost 1920s frission in my girly ‘oh, look at all that neck!’ reaction.

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