TV Recap: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, 2×9

There are two important aspects of this recap. The first is gushing about how awesome Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is and the second involves talk of the new government cutting funding from the ABC.

3There are two important aspects of this recap.  The first is gushing about how awesome Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is and the second involves talk of the new government cutting funding from the ABC.

Part 1:  The gushing part

OMG!  The ninth installment of this awesome show had me tripping over my own feet with love for the wardrobe department, the witty writers and, of course, the ever so delicious Det. Jack (Nathan Page).  Sigh. A gruesome death on a movie set that involved not only poison but stabby, javelin type injuries to the body after the initial killing.  Love it!

Miss Fisher (Essie Davis) put on her director’s hat (and outfit, those boots were so awesome they may have caused a Fishy Fan frenzy) and took control of an out of control film set that had the death count up to two by half way through!

There were fake Hollywood actors, Bert (Travis McMahon) as a roman soldier who couldn’t get his lines right, a touch of Maxwell Smart with the old ‘replacing the stage knife with a real knife’ trick, Det. Jack doing a voice over for poor Bert, accurate and Macgyver type shooting at a reel of film on fire, a naked man in chains, a new name for our beloved couple from a reader, Annie, who came up with the delightful ‘Phrack’ (Love it!) and a strange admission from our sexy hot Det. Jack that his boyhood dream was to ride in the Tour De France!

Every woman in the nation took a deep breath as they imagined our lovely detective in somewhat tight fitting racing gear. Now, now, don’t lie. You thought of it the second it came out of his mouth.  It’s almost too much fun and hotness in one line!  Luckily, menopause hasn’t got me yet, but, ladies of the ABC, I bet there were some hot flushes going on thinking about the deliciousness of it all….Jack. Lycra.  IS THERE ANYTHING BETTER??? I think not.  Betty the cat even sat on my old exercise bike and winked at me.  Even females of the feline variety know a good man when they see one.

 Part 2: Funding cuts from the ABC

I’ve been thinking about this ever since the Abbot government came into power.  Yes, I am a left wing tree hugging hippie but I think there might be some merit in this cutting of funds.  I know, you’re aghast but hear me out.

Let’s say, for instance that we could decide where the funding was cut, or even better, start a petition for penny pinching.  It’s very simple.

Cut the budget for Nathan Page’s wardrobe.

Without money to buy him three piece suits, overcoats and wide brimmed abominations he will be forced to wear less. Shorty shorts for instance.  It’s recycling old costumes and making everyone happy. Except, maybe Nathan Page.  He may be a little chilly but I’m sure actors deal with frosty conditions every now and then.  It’s a small sacrifice for a really big payoff.

For us.

And that, my dear ladies of the ABC is how we negotiate to get what we need.  Unfortunately, no ‘Friend of the ABC’ is going to have Tony’s number. Sigh.

We can still dream ladies, we can still dream.

Now, you should probably get back to work and try not to think about Jack. Or Lycra. Or those hot little black shorty shorts.

Good luck with that my lovelies!

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an Every Cloud Production and airs Fridays at 8.30pm on ABC1. Click here to read more episode reviews in the series.

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  • Dear sister creepy obsessed fangirl: I love you whoever you are! You almost had me at the “Funding Cuts for the ABC,” but I read on. Enjoy your comments immensely – always total and complete LOL. Thank you!

  • actually, I think the Tour de France line was a shout-out to Nathan Page himself. Nathan used to be a professional cyclist, and trained at the Australian Institute of Sport.

  • Oh yes. I wholeheartedly agree with you. As someone who’s been drooling over Google image search results of Nathan Page in cycling gear… Oh yes, let’s cut down Jack’s wardrobe budget!!!

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