TV Recap: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, 2×4

9The wide brimmed abomination is back but the pin stripe suit looked delectable on the ever charismatic and sexy Det. Jack (Nathan Page).  Last night’s episode of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries had everything a sport buff would love.  There was boxing, beating, more boxing, then some more beating (not at all to be confused with beatboxing, which came much later than the roaring 20’s) and then finally a showdown with Hugh (Hugo Johnstone-Burt) and a really big, scary, mean looking guy with a big, scary, mean mustache to match.  Lucky Hugh is a boxing champ and he kicked the big guy’s butt.  Punching him one right in the kisser!

The body count in this second season seems to be higher than ever.  Last season there was usually a single death and a single perp. (Did you like that? How I used perp? Like I was in the know, speaking the lingo, very cool of me you must admit.  You too can talk the lingo for just over ten grand at Melbourne Uni’s Criminology Grad Cert program.)

This season seems to have multiple deaths in each episode with multiple killers on the loose!  It’s like two episodes in one but with less Jack air time.

Dot (Ashleigh Cummings) getting very fiery and standing up for her man was so super cute and showed her character developing little by little from scared and meek into a woman more like our lovable and sassy Miss Fisher (Essie Davis).  After Jack loses a bet to Miss Fisher he keeps his side of the bargain (of course, he is honorable and keeps his word) and the episode ends with the two on the scenic railway at Luna Park.  Now that the two are openly flirting with each other, drinking together at the end of cases and glancing at each other with lustful affection we can only hope that they get together soon and we can see a bit more of Jack in Miss Fisher’s bedroom rather than other random scantily clad men.

Where are we with the Nathan Page Page on Facebook? Ladies, do I hear a hell yeah?

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an Every Cloud Production and airs Fridays at 8.30pm on ABC1. Click here to read more episode reviews in the series.

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  • Hi! I did not like last night’s ep. I don’t like how Phryne flirts with jack, wanting more, yet bonks anything male that comes her way!

    Nathan has a FB page! I am on it!

  • I have just seen your message! Yes, I agree. Miss Fisher needs to stop being a bit skanky indeed. Now, I am going to that facebook page and i’m going to become a life member….

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