TV Recap: Rake, S2E2

The second installment of the ABC’s ever wonderful second series of Rake was far more serious than the first but still witty, inappropriate and as always, hilarious.

When the police arrive at Cleaver’s (Richard Roxburgh) apartment he is soaking wet and his house torn apart, luckily they only wanted to return his Justin Bieber bracelet, reported stolen by bastard Cal Macgregor (Damien Garvey). The new Premier is as scurrilous as ever and his former wifey is nowhere to be seen, more bad luck for Cleave.

Poor old Lawrence Fenton, brilliant as always is Garry McDonald, has ended up in jail on terrorist charges but sadly he doesn’t seem fussed.  After his monologue in the beginning throwing business jargon around and searching for more meaning in words he seems to have bitten off more than he can chew when he sneaks into the Premiers Conference to mix it up with all the International guests to baffle them with his cheeky wordplay.

Meanwhile, I never thought I’d see the day where Cleaver asks ‘What sort of a man are you?’, as one can imagine, Cleaver pointing the finger and casting aspersions on others is a tad rich.  Damien Trengrove, so deliciously played by super hottie Don Hany is not rich, in fact, after stealing two million dollars from a children’s cancer charity he needs a lawyer. Who best to defend the indefensible? Poor Cleave knows he’s screwed with this guy in the docks.  Luckily for us this storyline looks like it’s going to evolve over a few episodes.  Richard Roxburgh and Don Hany on one screen! Keep breathing!

Now, watch the women swoon to Thursday’s 8:30!

Rake: Series 2 premieres at 8.30pm on ABC1, Thurs 6 September. Read more reviews in this series.

3.5 blergs


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