TV Recap: Rake, S2E1

Let’s all stand in admiration for writers Peter Duncan and Andrew Knight for this hilarious Australian dramedy.

This is the only television program that has me lying on the floor laughing until I cry. I’ve even woken up in the middle of the night, thought about it and started laughing.  It’s just so damn politically incorrect and crass in such a witty way I can never even begin to guess what’s going to happen to poor old Cleaver Greene (Richard Roxburgh).  The problem for me, lies with the fact that Cleaver is such a bastard and yet Roxburgh is such a sexy bitch, I can’t decide who wins.

The highlights of the episode last night were: Cleaver calling politician David Potter (Matt Day) a ‘mofo’, the predicted discussion between God and Moses in regards to texting and calling a burqa a ‘body bag’ in open court.  I do feel for Cleave, he has such an addictive personality and has absolutely no will power or morals at all.  Even when he attends a seven year olds birthday party he gets decked by a drunken clown and ruins the cake.  No day is a good day for our Cleave.

Toni Collette’s cameo as the state Premier is absolute gold and I’m hoping she returns later in the series, mainly just to battle it out with Cleaver once more.  This time Cleaver’s bitten off more than he can chew and with nine minutes until the drug squad busts him for cocaine possession (planted, of course) where the hell will he run? He really needs to stop pissing off people in power who can screw him at every turn, yet, he will never learn.

Ex-wife Wendy’s (Caroline Brazier) impending divorce leaves a space open for Cleaver but I doubt she will take him back, she has done her time with his lying and cheating and their friendship is unique but perhaps there is still a little flame burning in both of them for each other.

I’m hoping that Missy (Adrienne Pickering) will return soon and shake things up a bit, after all her lies last season I’d love to see her take Potter and is pompous ass down a few notches and really make him suffer.

I desperately want to know what’s in store for our beloved Cleaver, no doubt it will be hilarious, unfortunate and completely inappropriate but as always it will make us laugh harder the more our poor Cleave stuffs up his life completely.

Rake: Series 2 premieres at 8.30pm on ABC1, Thurs 6 September. Read more reviews in this series.

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