TV Review: Conspiracy 365, August

Our hero Cal ((Harrison Gilbertson) turns sixteen in August’s episode and is at it again, escaping from small places in record time as usual.  Unfortunately on this occasion it gets him caught by the police and now he has to come clean about the ‘Singularity’, the reason he ended up in a coffin and exactly why super meanie Vulcan (Rob Carlton) and po-faced Oriana (Julia Zemiro) are after him.   Naturally, the police don’t believe a word he says and Cal finds a way to elude them once more.

So much running it makes me hungry.

Now that Oriana has both the jewel and the riddle, Cal is back to square one while realizing that she will go to any length to get the ‘pot of gold’ at the end of the ‘singularity’ rainbow as she embarks on a kidnapping journey that is both heartless and fearless.

Lucky for Cal, cutie bestie Bogues (Taylor Glockner) has given him a new phone for this birthday and he’s now alerted immediately to any news items about himself and can escape accordingly. Perhaps Cal was Houdini in a past life? Winter’s (Marny Kennedy) journey in the search for the car her parents died in comes to fruition as she gets closer to the truth about Vulcan and her parents deaths.

As we come to a close on the August installment of this great aussie drama, for the first time, guns are drawn as some characters show their true colours but at what cost? Will we lose a beloved character in a hideous way? Can Cal save the day again? Will there be a shootout? Who is Cal’s new friend who drives a seedy van and claims to know his father and can Cal trust him? Where did the pajama man go? Does Cal’s mother (Kate Kendall) ever smile or did her character description merely read ‘pained expression’ after each line of dialogue?

Time’s running out for Cal. Most importantly, Cal really needs to wash his hair, it’s looking moppish and greasy. Very off-putting for the hygienic viewer.

123 days to go…….until we know what this number means.

Conspiracy 365 is a Circa Media Production and airs August 4th at 7pm on FMC. You can read more reviews of this series on our Conspiracy 365 page.


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