TV Review: Conspriacy 365, “July”

This month you’re in for a wild ride when our beloved teenage hero Cal (Harrison Gilbertson) takes us to a nunnery to meet his great aunt Millicent, at long last, to find his great grandfather’s will that may reveal what on earth the unattainable, miraculous and highly sought after ‘Ormond Singularity’ actually is! 

Cal’s had it pretty rough these past six months. His dad died, his uncle and sister were attacked leaving her in a coma and the police think he’s responsible! Labeled in the media as the ‘Psycho Kid’ Cal is on the run and with help from his charming, caring and super cute bestie Boges (Taylor Glockner) their plan is to prove Cal’s innocence and solve a four hundred year old mystery that involves Queen Victoria, a jewel and a riddle.  Oh, and he only has 365 days to do it and we don’t know why.

Cal has so far escaped from a car crash, a plane crash, an oncoming train, a mental asylum and this month shows him in a far deeper, dirtier predicament. He’s got rid of the implanted bug, watched great uncle Bart die, hitchhiked cross country, dressed up as a woman and runs from the police so much he could beat Usain Bolt in a sprint easily.

Aunt Millicent isn’t what anyone expected and one of scary super villian Vulcan’s (Rob Carlton) meanie goons meets his end as Cal tracks down the will to lawyer Mr. Rathbone (Nicholas Bell is great at playing a super creepy old bastard, again, it appears!) who makes certain promises that aren’t what they seem and finds Cal, as usual, in deep trouble.

How will Cal get out of this one? Did super-cool underground safe cracker Repro (Syd Brisbane) survive and stop talking in the third person? Will Gabby (Mietta White) ever wake up? Is Rafe (David Whiteley) trying to steal his dead brother’s wife ? Will Winter (Marny Kennedy) find out if her parent’s death wasn’t an accident? Will there be even more close ups of Julia Zemiro’s nose?

Waiting another month is an absolute killer to find out what happens in this new Australian drama Conspiracy 365. It might be complicated, it might be crazy and it might be ridiculously far-fetched but by jingo it’s bloody entertaining.

Conspiracy 365 is a Circa Media Production and airs on 7 July on FMC. Check out all the episode reviews here.

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