TV Review: Conspiracy 365, June

Our ruffle haired hero Cal (Harrison Gilberton) has escaped to a small town called ‘Big Lake’. Original .  After a nasty run in with the cops Cal is back in Repro’s (Syd Brisbane) hideout asking another favor.  Time to steal the jewel from Vulcan’s (Rob Carlton) safe!  Who would have thought third person talking safe-cracker would come in handy in troubled times? The question is can they do it without being caught? Or worse?

June’s episode has it all, car chases, robberies, angry super villains and the return of street kid Griff who makes Cal an offer he can’t refuse. There’s something about a toecutter in there also!

Meanwhile it’s Winter’s (Marny Kennedy) birthday and the anniversary of her parents deaths and she is starting to get more suspicious about Vulcan’s motives in having her as his ‘ward’. Winter begins sniffing around the old abandoned car yard where many a goon hangs out and is hoping to remain undercover by wearing a black hoodie. Oh Winter. So sixteen!

Where’s Bogue’s (Taylor Glockner) these days? This was a bromance for the ages. Can Cal figure out how the jewel and the riddle go together and find out what his father was trying to him? Is Repro dead?  Is it for the best considering his blatant abuse of grammar? Where will Cal end up in this month’s cliffhanger? That Pajama Man is haunting Cal and there only remains 184 days until……..well, we still don’t know why exactly but it better be damn good.

Conspiracy 365 is a Circa Media Production and airs June 2nd 7pm on FMC. Check out all the episode reviews here.

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