TV Review: Laid, S2E3

A series of sexual misadventures dominates ABC’s Laid. Last season, Roo (Alison Bell) uncovered the existence of her sexual death curse and its implications on each man she had slept with. The second series is exploring the further implications after the initial shock, horror and double digit body count.

Having been turned down by the creepy dweeb Marcus Dwyer (Damon Herriman), Roo sets out a plan to extract the desired healing minerals from his body. Naturally, E.J. (Celia Pacquola) is driven to a nauseous frenzy at the mere suggestion, but sticks to her best friend rules and supports Roo in her demented endeavour.

Zack‘s(Toby Truslove) near death experience compels his spiritual journey as the new messiah to reach ever brainless heights. Filled with supposed wisdom, he still misses the many vocal hints that E.J. makes towards the future of their relationship. Comically appealing, E.J.’s frustration is both understandable, but begs the question: why are you with this nincompoop?!? Truslove’s performance is an exercise in a character’s stupidness and the surrounding awkwardness that follows his actions are indicative of a stereotypically inept character.

Date rape jokes aplenty, the episode sees Roo’s desperation creeping ever so closely off the edge of a proverbial cliff. How far will she go to restore harmony in her nether region/swimsuit area? Marcus’ palpable attraction to Roo, despite his refusal to enter her tomb, will also make for an added layer on top of Herriman’s purposefully disgusting aesthetics and mannerisms. After all, Roo is the first and only (and probably last) woman who has ever wanted to sleep with Marcus.

Cleverly created and written each week by Marieke Hardy and Kirsty Fisher, Laid has a feminist undertone existing where the sexes are divided. A good portion of the male characters are bumbling idiots. While some are endearingly so (Zack and Graeme for instance) others are repulsive in the extreme (clearly Marcus). Even Charlie (Abe Forsythe) is rendered in a passive and helpless state as a victim easily fallen prey to the mysterious and deadly intrigues of Roo’s vagina.

Wonderfully absurd, Hardy and Fisher’s writing, Abe Forsythe’s direction and the many performances do their job in sustaining an air of comical believability.

Laid airs every Wednesday at 9pm on ABC1. It repeats Thursday at 11pm on ABC2 and is available on iView. Click here to read more reviews from the series.

3.5 blergs

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