TV Review: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Episode 12

This is by far the most exciting, most awesome, most thrilling episode of the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries yet! So get your tea and bikkies ready and no toilet breaks!

Tonight  is the first part of the final two episodes beginning with the elitist and lovingly snobbish Aunt Prudence (Miriam Margolyes) as she finds herself at the centre of a murder mystery as her chambermaid is found floating in her pool.

We meet Phryne’s (Essie Davis) cousins; one is an upper class type whose fiancé is quite the skank and the other an intellectually disabled young man who holds a secret that’s going to change the course of Phryne’s life forever. What does he know about the past? Will anyone listen to his warnings? It’s really all too awesome.

There’s a fancy dress party, threesomes, pure panic and uncertainty as an evil presence returns with a plan so ingenious it will rock your lounge room. Plus, there’s a wonderfully hilarious scene with the conservative Mr. Butler (Richard Bligh) who accidentally eats some fudge that’s not the sweet dessert he had bargained for.

Meanwhile, Jack (Nathan Page) is being very secretive and disappearing all over the place for ‘personal reasons’,  as we learn what he’s up to our hearts will smile and our shirt ripping capabilities shall be in full bloom. There is a sexy raw moment between Jack and Phyrne tonight as Jack strips down to a shirt and tie as Fishy fans go wild for a piece of the Detective’s…..kindness.  Yes kindness, he drives us crazy with that kind heart of his!

Will Jack and Phyrne finally get it on? Will all the characters we love make it out alive? Can Dot (Ashleigh Cummings) save the day in the end? It’s all too much and will leave you hanging, frightened and desperately needing answers.

Now, fetch me tea and my tablets, my blood pressure is through the roof.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an Every Cloud Production and airs Fridays at 8.30pm on ABC1. Click here to read more episode reviews in the series

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  • WOW! OMG!!! I can’t wait til tonight! You had better noe be kidding about jack and Phryne goodness! What is this ‘KINDNESS”???

  • Another fantastic review Kate and you were right, my shirt ripping capabilities were in full bloom. And the tie scene in the bedroom – hot stuff. And a divorce – oh my goodness, it seems like Jack is a changed man. Now, if only he would remove that coat.

  • This is one of the best storylines in the Miss Fisher series. People of dubious character up to shenanigans, Phrynne looking super sexy as Cleopatra, and, of course, sexual tension between Jack and Phrynne. What’s not to like? Five stars!

  • This is one of the best Miss Fisher storylines ever. Suspicious characters up to who-knows-what shenanigans, Phryne looking super sexy in the Cleopatra costume. and, of course, sexual tension between Jack and Phryne. Five stars!

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