TV Review: Conspiracy 365, May

Finally! In the May episode it’s an ‘at last!’ moment when Winter (Marny Kennedy) and Bogues (Taylor Glocker) work as a team to help Cal (Harrison Gilbertson) as they come up with an ingenious scheme to break Cal out of the mental hospital. It’s hilarious but in typical adventure type fashion Cal is free once more. But how free? And for how long?

Cal continues his journey to see great Uncle Bart but is forlorn to find Bart isn’t exactly who or what he had imagined and after a prickly start they reach common ground at last just for a goon-induced tragedy to shatter Cal’s world once more.

One thing we do learn along this episode is about some of Cal’s dad’s drawings and also about that sneaky ‘bug’ that has Cal being tracked far and wide.

Will Cal get closer to solving the ‘Ormond Singularity’? Will we ever know what that means? Can Winter and Bogues stay friends for Cal’s sake? Will Vulcan (Rob Carlton) and Oriana (Julia Zemiro) ever give up being super villians? Are Winter’s fears about her parents deaths true? Where’s that pesky Pajama Man and his voodoo warnings? Will Cal’s mum (Kate Kendall) get in on with her dead hubby’s twin?

Cal’s nerves are beginning to wear down, with only 214 days to go Cal needs some good food, a long wash, to take up smoking and to get some well-deserved nap-time so he can be ready for day zero. Tis only then, my pretties, that we shall know if the Pajama Man is right.

Conspiracy 365 is a Circa Media Production and airs May 5th 7pm on FMC. Check out all the episode reviews here.

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