TV Review: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Episode 10

In the first installment of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries , I made claims that our beloved Phryne (Essie Davis) was like Macgyver. New evidence has come to light proving this beyond reasonable doubt and that perhaps our beloved writers have been sub-consciously channeling that oh-so-clever stud muffin from the eighties?

  1. They both understand science and can use it to prove wrongdoing
  2. They both have made many miraculous escapes when death seemed imminent
  3. They both have sidekicks called Jack
  4. They both have a sworn enemy called Murdoch.

Tonight’s episode ‘Death by Miss Adventure’ has grand lesbian undertones mixed with so-called machinery accidents that dismember a loved worker down at the old factory but it’s an axe-wielding Phryne who saves Dot (Ashleigh Cummings) after a plan to put her undercover, as a factory tea lady, go askew.

Jack (Nathan Page) still maintains his wide brimmed abomination and his overcoat much to Fishy fans complete disdain. Murdoch (Nicholas Bell) finally makes an appearance after nine episodes of waiting patiently, he writes Phryne to meet him in prison and make a deal regarding her sister Jane. On arrival he says he will tell her the truth if she petitions his release! Where will it go from here? Exciting? Answers we’ve waited ten long weeks for? A solution? None of the above Fishy fans.

Needless to say, when one sees the outcome there shall be complete disappointment and frustration that an important sub plot has been discarded so hastily! There was rage and head shaking on this end. Even my cat, Betty, turned her whiskered dial in disgust.

Perhaps, Fishy fans, there are no answers to Phryne’s great wealth or explanations for her feistiness. Perhaps she and Jack will remain partners in crime but never partners in life? The final episodes better make good or else I might, gasp, have to write a letter to the Green Guide. We must ask ourselves: what would Macgyver do?

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an Every Cloud Production and airs Fridays at 8.30pm on ABC1. Click here to read more episode reviews in the series

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  • Oh no! More of the ‘waiting game”! What are we to do? I am getting restless re the Phryne/Jack storyline. Maybe the Writers are hanging for s S2 and don’t want to end things too soon. What’s the bet they come together (and we see Jack shirtless) then Mrs Robisnson turns up for a second chance and buggers everything up! Dram! Drama! Drama! Glad Betty the Cat is also a Fishy fan and a Jack lover!

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