TV Review: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Episode 8

With the death of Miss Fisher’s (Essie Davis) teacher Miss Lavender there isn’t really much of a mystery in tonight’s episode of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. 

True crime show addicts will know ‘who-dunnit’ within ten minutes but I wanted to know how it would all unravel anyway. The not-really-Chinese love interest is back and using Miss Fisher as a booty call before his impending nuptials and strangely Miss Fisher doesn’t seem to mind but when his feisty kung-fu kick-ass fiancé shows up in trouble Miss Fisher happily takes her in, no hard feelings.

We are all still reeling from last weeks amazing pash between the super foxy and great opportunist Detective Jack (Nathan Page) and Miss Fisher, even though the kiss was used to distract her, we still know he wanted to pash her this whole time.

The beautiful Collins (Hugo Johnstone-Burt) finally puts his protestant heart on the line and asks cutie catholic Dot (Ashleigh Cummins) if she’s his girl and of course, she agrees, in a touching scene that steals all the attention in tonight’s episode.  Dot is also offered a new job as an Agony Aunt at a feminist magazine but naturally she declines to continue to cook, darn and clean for her beloved boss.

Almost as lovely as Collins getting his girl, is the candle lit dinner Miss Fisher has with Detective Jack, who over two episodes has learnt the art of flirtation, seduction and sexy-eye-contact as Miss Fisher admits she is completely fine with Jacks hot kiss encourages more action but conservative Jack doesn’t bite (perhaps keeping that maneuver for a later date?).

Still no word on her wealth, her dead sister and where her modernist views come from but it must be revealed soon as Fishy fans are just as impatient as Miss Fisher herself.  There might even be callers to Jon Faine to complain, so they better reveal a bit more back story soon.

All in all, a ho-hum episode but worth it for the super romance hit that drags Fishy fans into a frenzy. Plus, Jack keeps his one-layer-less look and less clothes on this Detective should be wholeheartedly encouraged.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an Every Cloud Production and airs Fridays at 8.30pm on ABC1. Click here to read more episode reviews in the series

2.5 blergs

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  • Thank you! It is about time we had a lovely review and also many thanks for seeing our lovely Jack for what he is! Gorgeous, sexy, seductive and I also hope for less clothing on him! We can only hope!

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