TV Review: Conspiracy 365, April

April’s episode of this new Australian Drama sees Cal (Harrison Gilbertson) in desperation to make it to his great Uncle Bart’s house. Will he have the answers? But all of Cal’s ambitions are put on hold as Gabby’s life support is set to be switched off. Cal makes a mad dash to the hospital, with a lovely old ladies help, to say goodbye to his little sister in a scene that will make one a little misty eyed.

Cal returns Gabby’s ring she gave him in episode one and I’m sure this ring is the secret piece that will reveal all but have no evidence to back that up. Would be pretty cool though.

Just when Cal thought life on the run was hard enough meanie Vulcan (Rob Carlton) has him captured and placed in a mental asylum under a new identity.  Somehow, Cal realizes being on the run and free is much better than being locked up but with no one believing his story he is trapped. How can he get out of this one?

Will Winter (Marnie Kennedy) and Bogues (Taylor Glockner) find him in time? Will Vulcan get what he wants? Can Oriana (Julia Zemiro) worm her way into the hospital and actually help Cal? Could Pyjama Man’s predictions be true? Is Cal cursed to die before the clock runs out? With 245 days to go is this the end of the line for our beloved hero?

Conspiracy 365 is a Circa Media Production and airs April 7th at 7pm on FMC. Check out all the episode reviews here.

3.5 blergs

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