TV Review: Conspiracy 365, March

Saved at the last minute as usual Cal (Harrison Gilbertson) meets an underground safe cracker called Repro (Syd Brisbane) who consistently speaks in the third person. Kate finds this very frustrating but Kate will see where it goes before Kate decides if it’s tolerable. I’m beginning to wonder if Cal went to the same school of kick-ass spy as Miss Fisher, James Bond and Macgyver.

March’s episode focuses on Cal stealing the mysterious riddle from Oriana’s (Julia Zemiro) house and with Repro at his side he’s got a good chance of succeeding but can he get the riddle without being caught in the process? Kate’s unsure. Meanwhile Cal’s super-secret hideout is compromised when a policeman finds both Cal and Bogues (Taylor Glockner) by accident but it’s all good because Cal stabs him with a needle that he previously stole from the hospital and the poor buggers out cold. Oh Cal. You’re so inventive. If only you were thirty.

Suspicion turns to Winter (Marny Kennedy) as Bogues realizes whenever she’s around Vulcan’s (Rob Carlton) goons seem to find Cal but is this as it seems or is something else at play? The search for a bug begins. Gabby remains comatose and the search for Cal continues.

Can anyone catch this kid? When will we know what the ‘Ormond Singularity’ actually is? What if the Pyjama Man’s wrong? Will Bogues ever accept that Winter is on their side? Is she? What the hell happens when the jewel and the riddle are put together? Can Cal beat the ticking clock?

275 days to go before, well, no one really knows but if the Pyjama Man says it chances are high he’s right. I’ll go with it. For now.

Conspiracy 365 is a Circa Media Production and airs March 5th  on FMC. Check out all the episode reviews here.

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