Thievish Thursdays: Underbelly (2008)

Our second Thievish Thursdays companion piece to The Straits takes a look at the hugely successful television series Underbelly.

Still unavailable to purchase on DVD in Victoria, Underbelly made a huge mark on the televisual landscape when it premiered in 2008, spawning a bunch more series. Thanks to court suppression orders and trials that have only recently concluded, Underbelly was shown on Victorian television just last year. Caught in a rigmarole of legalities, the DVD is still not allowed to be released in Victoria due to still standing suppression orders.

Chronicling the gangland wars between Carl Williams and the Carlton crew, the series was based on the real-life events, occuring between 1995-2004. Reliving the crimes that made headline news across the country, Underbelly captured the public’s fascination with criminals and their nefarious activities. Jam packed full of cheap and nasty sex, Underbelly took on an aesthetic that became synonymous with Matthew Newton‘s arse and a score of girls breasts in the second series The Golden Mile.

Creating roles dozens of Australian actors, the series includes Alphonse Gangitano (Vince Colosimo), the Moran family (Les Hill, Callan MulveyKevin Harrington and Caroline Gillmer) and Carl and Roberta Williams (Gyton Grantley and Kat Stewart). Giving relevatory performances, Grantley and Stewart rightfully received many awards for their portrayals.

Sure, there may be a certain trashiness to the series, but like a car crash, it is hard to take your eyes away from the screen.

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Underbelly had its Australian premiere on February 13, 2008 on Channel Nine.

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