TV Review: Conspiracy 365, “February”

Our hero Cal (Harrison Gilbertson) is living on the street and makes friends after a lifesaving incident with Winter (Marny Kennedy), baddie Vulcan’s (Rob Carlton) ‘ward’.  But can she be trusted? Bestie and Cal’s number one fan Bogues (Taylor Glocker) thinks not and tells Winter to bugger off and to leave their bromance alone. Awwww!

But Winter helps Cal decipher one of Cal’s dad’s drawings and takes him to a church.  What can it mean? Cal is as lost as us it seems.  He spins further into disarray when he spots a boy identical to himself and my prior twin claims may hold some weight.  Is Cal going mad?

Can he escape in time before the police close in on him? Why do most characters have hilarious names? How long will Bogues protect his bestie on the run? Will Gabby recover from her coma? Is Uncle Rafe (David Whiteley) a creep trying to get into his dead brothers wife’s (Kate Kendall) pants? Will Winter and Bogues ever be friends and trust each other?

So many questions and yet I fear that they won’t be answered for quite some time to come.

Can Cal get hold of the ‘riddle’ and a ‘jewel’ needed to solve the ‘Ormond singularity’? As confusing as it gets this new Aussie series is entertaining and has great performances all over.

Tune in and get hooked. 306 Days to go……………(Until Cal’s dead meat according to Pyjama Man)

Conspiracy 365 is a Circa Media Production and airs February 4th on FMC. Check out all the episode reviews here.

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