Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve made a post here at Film Blerg. It’s been a busy time. But I thought I’d share in some quick quips about some recent films I’ve seen:

The Waiting City – charming, great Aussie talent, showcased in beautiful India. Loved it.

The Social Network – great work Fincher, amazing script from Sorkin (duh!) and great acting from the dudes. Talk about a zeitgeisty film!

Sex and the City 2 –  Okay, I was pretty offended watching this. Which is something I didn’t expect. So, on that level, I was surprised.

Music of the Heart – really good film about music in public schools. Streep was great as always and Wes Craven got a chance to direct out of regular genre!

The September Issue – fascinating. Wintour made me shiver. But the real star was Grace Coddington!

The Turning Point – I’ve wanted to see this for years and it didn’t disappoint. Man, I wanted to be a slender ballet dancer watching that. That is something I have rarely felt! And watching MacLaine and Bancroft have a catfight was hysterical!





Anyway, there are many more, but I also want to have a quick chat about Jacki Weaver’s Oscar campaign that seems to be working with gusto. For months, I’ve been reading about the bloggers and their love for the insane matriarch that is Smurf in Animal Kingdom, but now it seem the critics are starting to listen to. Vanity Fair, USA Today, Hollywood Reporter and more. Now we just need Roger Ebert to throw out a prediction and she’s a lock for the nomination.

It’s going to be fun watching the blogs and the multitude of precursor awards, lining up to the actual Academy Award ceremony in February. The season is just beginning and Weaver Fever is going around!

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