redfern now 2x4

TV Recap: Redfern Now, 2×4


Redfern Now is breathtaking and absolutely perfect. It stays with me for days after each episode. Sometimes it brings me to tears when I think about it. So heartbreaking and stories so beautifully told that I can’t find a single fault.

redfern now ep2x2

TV Recap: Redfern Now, 2×2


The second installment of the ABC’s Redfern Now titled ‘Starting Over’ is a follow up from an episode in the first series. Remember the cop Aaron (Wayne Blair) who was caught up in the Aboriginal boy’s death in custody?

redfern now 2x1

TV Recap: Redfern Now, 2×1


Redfern Now is that show. You must make it part of your life and embrace it while you can. There are only six episodes in this series. Dramas like this don’t come along very often, you must experience the greatness that is Redfern Now.