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Eric Styles

Get Out

Film Review: Get Out (2017)

Name a great director and you’re pretty much guaranteed that they’ve made a horror movie. Either the genre offered them their start, or it…

kill your darlings

Film Review: Kill Your Darlings (2013)

Calling for a rejection of traditional values and advocating innovative experimentation were the Beat Generation, a group of writers who left their mark on the literary and cultural landscape in the 1950s.

Oliver (Craig Roberts) and Jordana (Yasmin Paige)

Film Review: Submarine (2010)

A coming of age indie comedy seems beyond prevalent these days. How does one go about producing a quirky, left-of-field, distinctively voiced, piece of…

MIFF Review: Rejoice and Shout (2010)

[youtube=] By James Madden. Opening with an impromptu solo on the pew in a church, a young girl sings a startling rendition of ‘Amazing…