TV Review: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Episode 13

miss fisher ep 13

Tonight’s final installment of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries will knock your socks off with pure awesomeness.

Phryne’s (Essie Davis) hunt for Jayne (Ruby Rees Wemyss) begins as she battles her demons full-on, with the households’ lives at stake, as Murdoch (Nicholas Bell) outsmarts the whole clan and seeks his bitter revenge. There’s mysterious notes, cryptic Egyptian relics, nuns, fancy university academics (Matt Day) and a scene with sexy Jack (Nathan Page) reminiscent of hottie Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentlemen, that will certainly heat up your lounge rooms and possibly cause hot flushes for the more mature lady.

It’s been a real shame that our delicious Detective Jack hasn’t taken off more clothes this season, here’s hoping it’s summer in season two with Jack poolside and bare-chested to make us a new type of crazy for the delectable, newly single and hopefully stripping Detective.

This episode shows a new side to Dot (Ashleigh Cummings) as she holds a gun to Hugh (Hugo Johnstone-Burt) and fights for what she wants, it’s charming and endearing and all things Dot.

There’s a confrontation of epic proportions as pieces of the tangled puzzle are revealed in good time and Fishy fans may find themselves shedding a tear (or a bucket of tears) when we say goodbye to an important character forever.  Even Betty the cat (an expert on all things fishy) was sad faced and snuggly!

It’s everything a Fishy fan could want and more. Can Jack save the day? Will Jane survive from the clutches of evil? Who makes it out alive? Will Murdoch get what he really wants? Will Phryne ever be the same again? Will WE ever be the same again? Buckle yourself in for a wild night ladies and gentlemen. Miss Fisher is going to rock your world.  It’s a stunning showdown between good and evil that will have your heart racing every minute!

What on earth will we do on a Friday night now?

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an Every Cloud Production and airs Fridays at 8.30pm on ABC1. Click here to read more episode reviews in the series

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